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PROJET: The project involves the construction, in Sardinia, of a Territorial Documentation Center, hereinafter called CDT, aimed at collecting data on geographic, hydrographic, orographic aspects, ecosystems and biodiversity in countries bordering the western Mediterranean basin, that is the arm of the sea between the Sicilian Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar. The project concerns Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia; in a second phase it is proposed to involve Malta and Gibraltar (GB). The aim is to carry out an effective action of transmitting knowledge aimed at defending the ecosystem and continuously deepening on specific aspects of culture and territory, also through meetings with people of different cultures, the public and in particular students of all the countries concerned. The Center will have to be equipped with computer tools suitable for the study of cartography and an archive with a rich heritage of territorial, geographical and, above all, cartographic data. Finality and Objectives The Mediterranean is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world and Sardinia, due to its geographical position, is believed to be significantly affected by this aspect both for the health of citizens and for productive activities. In countries bordering the Western Mediterranean there are numerous structures that deal with the study of these problems but the results are unlikely to reach citizens. As is known, in fact, the phenomena related to pollution derive, above all, from a lack of education, therefore from the lack of knowledge that can be detected in society, with reference to citizens, also understood as economic operators or part of the institutions. It is believed that the simple citizens of the so-called "consumer society" are the main culprits for the incorrect behavior that is at the base of soil and inland water or sea pollution and, moreover, that the problem of the vulnerability of the territory to a large extent of countries in the specific area, also derives from the marked lack of a geographical culture On the basis of these premises the CDT pursues as a general objective, the enhancement of the qualitative level of the cultural offer in the geographical and environmental sectors, through a correct dissemination that involves citizens, in particular pupils and students, social partners, economic operators and institutions, promoting the development of innovative and experimental processes in the communication sector, on the knowledge of the territory and its vulnerability. The CDT aims to develop research paths to free the creative potential in the diffusion of culture, in the specific area, involving the public with new expressive languages, also through digital, experimenting paths and experiences with a particular attention to the dissemination activity scientific. The Center will have to become a reference for the diffusion of geographical and territorial culture, for which it will have to have premises and a technical and organizational structure; in its headquarters it will host the library, archives, data bank, exhibition hall, conference room equipped for videoconferences, study and consultation classrooms.
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